Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  There's been a lot of happenings here at Little Handfuls, I'm still working on my book as you can see by the sample cover photo below.  It's almost done and will be at the publishers by March this year.  There are some great new projects in there to get people from beginner to bear artist!

Our puppies are a year old now, they are so much fun and devoted little souls.  They have made our family so much brighter after the awful year we had before they arrived.  Teddy is a chunky little bear and Lottie is her passive aggressive lil sister.

I've got two kids at college this year, quite a shocking development for me.  Wasn't ready for my little girl to start this year.  Choosing a college was excruciating and emotional, glad we got it all sorted.

Hubby is struggling with shift work, his office started putting them on shifts a few months ago and it's been a huge adaption for us all.  Not fun and no idea how long we can handle it!

My day job is a bit of a mess, but having some regular pocket money is helpful, especially when those school fees come in!

I hope you all have got great plans for this year, I hope to start and finish my second book this year and attend some more great shows throughout New Zealand.  I would love to do some outside of the country too, we will just have to see how we go!

Keep coming by and checking out the facebook page  I regularly update that one, not so flash at coming back to the blog I'm afraid!

Much love and best wishes to all


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