Monday, 21 May 2007

Up for Adoption

This is the gorgeous Bao Ling. This lovely bear is painstakingly felted in merino wools, not my wool of choice but she has turned out so wonderfully. With her very big paws and her lovely texture she is such a sweet bear.
A very unique bear, Charlie is weighted with steel shot and is quite hefty for his 5 inch length. I have devised my own method for weighting felted bears and it has worked so well. He is a very special bear, with lovely brown eyes and gorgeous shading, please feel free to mail me for more pics of this lovely boy.
This baby bear is named Trinket and he comes with this fabulous needle and wet felted pouch. He wears a tassle that matches the two at the bottom of his pouch and everything is felted in complementary plum and pinky shades of corriedale. He is such a wee honey, just look at those big innocent eyes!
Renae is a quirky character. She is very much the individual. Felted over wire she is quite posable in gentle hands and she is dressed in her 'flapper' style dress.
Raggedy Ann was felted for a group challenge. And I am really pleased with our she turned out. Fully dressed with lots of detail and hours of work, I even made her wooly locks by hand.
Blink is a wee lady bug, he is felted mostly in black with his red and black spotted wings on his back. He has grey lines on his belly and the biggest eyes ever. His little antennae really complete his whole appearance as he sits in his red rose ringbox with a long stem.
Glitter is one of the bears in my Handful of Bling range. He is felted in a very unique hand dyed wool in deep purple and pink. He has pink embroidered details and in his belly there is a sweet adornment with wee gems of different colours.
Here we have baby James. He was made to fit this gorgeous crochet outfit which consists of a wee romper and bonnet. He comes with the sweetest little white highchair so do mail me if you are interested in this wee fellow so that I can send you more pics.
Not the best picture of Molly but this little bear is felted in a gorgeous varigated hand dyed wool with blues, pinks, whites etc and has pink limbs etc as well. She is quite different with her paws and muzzle shaped in a new way compared to my other bears. This photo was not taken in daylight so please mail me for better pics, this was just the only one I took with her little balloon in her paws, isn't it cute!!

Mr Funny Pants. What a OOAK furry fellow. With his big baggy pants, his oversized shoes, red nose and colourful wig he surely make quite a funny addition to your bear collection. At about 4 inches tall he is a little bigger than most of my other bears.

This is Danny. He is felted in gorgeous random dyed wools in shades of brown and gold. He comes dressed in his nappy and felted hat, and holding his wee teddy friend. Danny sits in his gorgeous cane pram with 'wrought iron' handles and wheels. Please write for more pics as this little guy is really something special.
This lovely lady is Princess Jewely. She is a deeper plum than the picture shows and is wearing gorgeous jewels. Her necklace is an imitation amethyst with zircon diamonds, set in 18k white gold plating, along with her tiara.
This darling bunny girl is felted in a wool named Fruited Ecstacy and it is a gorgeous blend of pinks, rose reds, oranges and more. A truly gorgeous wool which I imported from the US. She has lovely long ears, sweet short legs and has been shaded with pink for her cheekies and belly button.
Sandy is a sweet bear made with a beach theme. He is wearing a lovely little beach bag and wears a little shell about his neck. This has been tied with a lovely organza and gold ribbon and he is firmly felted in sand coloured corriedale wool.
Tippy is one of my smallest bears, at about 2 inches tall. She is sitting in a converted ring box which is in the shape of a red rose and sits atop a long stem. She has the sweetest shrinky plastic wings which I made myself and embellished with glittery pastels. She is felted in a hand dyed mossy coloured wool and has gold antennae with red beads.

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