Thursday, 12 August 2010

Introducing a gorgeous new bear! Suki!

Hi everyone!
Yes, I have another bear to show you. This little sweetie is Suki. She is felted from a lovely pastel, hand dyed corriedale wool which turned out so nicely! The purple is a lovely warm shade which I found so hard to get in just the right shade!

She has lovely big eyes and a perfect little magenta coloured nose and features.

Not sure how I ended up with a bow this colour but it just worked for her!

Check out that cute little face!

Could she look any more innocent? :o)
This time it wasn't the cat who decided he needed to sit with me. This is my 10 yr old girl Bonnie and she is very jealous of all the beary attention! What a poser! hehe
Hope you enjoyed seeing my new little friend!

Happy crafting!!



agypsyangel said...

Your bears are so very cute and so is your dear dog.
Have a great day,
Come see me sometime :)

allsewnup said...



Heather said...

Aww, Suki looks so sweet and innocent!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

I love suki she is so sweet, her fac is perfect