Thursday, 26 August 2010

And the winner is.......

Hi Folks

Well I did the drawing for our winner tonight so I have a name for you. And I wanted to let you all know what the mystery fibre is too!

As I mentioned no one was getting it right, until we had one post from Jemma who got it right! The mystery fibre is..............


I had thought it was incredible when I found it but had no idea no one else had seen such a fibre before either! It really feels like merino, but it does felt up a bit differently, more like cotton! Actually that's what the little coloured bits are too, cotton!

Cindy was the next closest when she guessed Plastic, so well done to both of you!!


So the winner of Peaches is.......

Samantha Cummings

Samantha, I am pleased to send you my little bear! I also loved the comment that Samantha made in one of her posts: I'm going to say I think Peaches is made of magic!

I got a few other comments like this which I thought were so fun.

Laura thought she was made of cotton candy
GemZ said she was made of 'wool and dreams of my childhood'!
And Angelique sent in a lovely message which was a joy to read, she also said that her guess was Fairy Dusted Angel Hair! lol

So I hope you all had fun, I certainly did and I loved hearing from you all! I intend to run another giveaway and perhaps have a few extra little prizes next time so I hope you will all keep checking back and following my work!

Many, many thanks to all of you for your time and support!



Samantha Cummings said...

OOOOOOOOHHHHH! I'm so excited! Thanks. Your work is completely gorgeous and I can see myself starting a new collection!

I will send you an e-mail with my mailing address. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Hi Liza
I would love to feature you on Inspirational (
If you agree could you E-mail me (details on my blog)

Inspirational Team Member