Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tonight's the Night!!

Little Handfuls will be on TVNZ7 tonight!  Perhaps you are visiting us now because you saw the show!  I hope you enjoyed it!!

The bears below are currently all available, you can visit them on my facebook page to see more photos and find out their prices.  If they have sold since I posted them here their albums will be marked as Adopted!

Chelsea is needle felted from a gorgeous blend of fibres, so bright and cheerful!

 Dustin is felted from a gorgeous hand dyed mustard coloured corriedale with rich red accenting!

 Filbert has the most gorgeous face, he's so finely sculpted!

Finkle has such a neat nose!  He's a lovely wee bear!

 Mackeryl is one of my few cats!  I love his little cheeks!

 Ripley is felted from a truly gorgeous hand dyed corriedale with rust, orange and yellow, he has such a special look!

 Meet Skye!  Felted in a fabulous bright turquoise with baby blue accenting.  Love those toes!!

Thistle is the newest Little Handful and what a bright member of the family he is!  I love how he has turned out!

I hope you will drop by the Little Handfuls facebook page  or you might like to visit the website if you haven't already on

If you missed the show tonight, you can always see it ondemand if you are in NZ on

I love hearing from people who enjoy my work, so feel free to drop me a line, comment on my work or if you want to adopt someone just let me know!

Thanks so much for coming by!


WhingingNinja said...

Dustin and Chelsea are my favs too cute congrats on the show any way us Aussies can view it? says it isn't allowed in our area...

Liza, creator of Little Handfuls Mini Bears said...

Hiya, I hope to have it up on youtube within a few weeks and will let everyone know when it's there! :)

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Your work is really fantastic!I have tried to meke a bear of wool of needle and the result has been horrible. Please,visits my blog and you will see .. That you believe that I must do to work better?Hugs