Thursday, 23 September 2010

Peace Felt

Hi Everyone

Some of you may have heard about the Peace Felt project which has been running for the last month or so. Today/yesterday (depending on your timezone) was the official day of Peace and felters from around the world have been creating works from their hearts and souls with the vision of peace being their inspiration.

These wonderful pieces of art are then posted forward, to someone they have never met! In this way it is a circle of giving with no comparisons or disappointment, just giving and receiving with the peaceful spirit of sharing as it was intended.

I have really enjoyed making my piece. What I wanted to do was to create something that embodied peace in two ways, World Peace and Peace Within. I guess this is because, for myself, finding my inner peace is often difficult! I am always dashing about, thinking of the next thing I am doing, and worrying about everything all the time. This figure epitomises inner peace for me, and I hope that the lady I am posting it to will feel some of that also!

Here you can see Australia and New Zealand along with my tag.

I tried to get a few other countries on there too, as close to their shapes as I could!

Thanks so much for dropping by!


Iris said...

Hi Liza, your creation is great! It includes world peace as well as inner peace for me, too. Adding New Zealand and Australia it clearly bears your signature. Hugs, Iris

Roscia said...

Wonderful Liza - it looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...